Thursday, October 21, 2010

On October 21...

1492 - Columbus' discovers America (on Gregorian calendar, 12 on Julian calendar ). In describing the natives, Columbus wrote: "They go as naked as when their mothers bore them, and so do the women, although I did not see more than one girl. They are very well made, with very handsome bodies, and very good countenances."

1520 - Fernão de Magalhães arrives at Tierra Del Fuego on the Pacific Ocean. At 52°S latitude the fleet reached Cape Virgenes and concluded they had found the passage...The strait is now named the Strait of Magellan.

1774 - First display of the word "Liberty" on a flag, raised by colonists in Taunton, Massachusetts and which was in defiance of British rule in Colonial America.

1805 - Battle of Trafalgar, Adm Nelson defeats French & Spanish fleet & dies
1861 - Battle of Balls Bluff, VA (Leesburg, Harrison's Island)

1878 - German republic chancellor Bismarck declares end of Socialism. The Anti-Socialist Laws or Socialist Laws (Gesetz gegen die gemeingefährlichen Bestrebungen der Sozialdemokratie) were meant to curb the growing strength of the Social Democratic Party.

1879 - Thomas Edison perfects carbonized cotton filament light bulb

1915 - 1st transatlantic radiotelephone message, Arlington, Va to Paris. AT&T announced: "Transatlantic wireless telephony is an accomplished fact. Observers listening at the Eiffel Tower in Paris have heard speech sent out by engineers of the American Telephone & Telegraph Co. from apparatus developed by that company and the Western Electric Co. and installed at Arlington, Va. The equipment used was that employed a few weeks ago in talking 4,900 miles by wireless telephony to San Francisco and Honolulu."

1948 - Facsimile high-speed radio transmission demonstrated (Washington DC)

1948 - UN reject Russian proposal to destroy atomic weapons. Earnest international efforts to promote nuclear non-proliferation began soon after World War II, when the Truman Administration proposed the Baruch Plan in 1946. The Baruch Plan drew heavily from the Acheson-Lilienthal Report, and proposed the verifiable dismantlement and destruction of the U.S. nuclear arsenal (which, at that time, was the only nuclear arsenal in the world). Andrey Gromiko, representing the Soviet Union, rejected the American proposal and countered with a soviet plan similar to the Acheson-Lilienthal. Determined to have guarantees based on inspection, the US administration rejected the Soviet proposal.

1959 - Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, opens (NYC)

1960 - JFK & Nixon clashed in 4th & final presidential debate (NYC)

1976 - American Saul Bellow wins Nobel Prize for Literature

1979 - Ozzie Newsome begins NFL streak of 150 consecutive game receptions.

1992 - Madonna's book "Sex" goes on sale.

2001 - "United We Stand" benefit concert for September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks victims, held at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. Event organized and headlined by Michael Jackson.

2010 - Greco turns 31!!!!

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