Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No internet in PT?


There is a dearth of intercontinental web communication - what goes on in PT - have they eliminated the internet? Have they censored gmail and skype - chinese style? What's happening? Where are you guys?

El Greco

Friday, December 25, 2009

Vieiras Natal 2009

Faltam o Pedro e o João Lucas, porque chegaram tarde...

Natal 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ANGOLA +288H : The Angolan Air Force gave us a very radical early Xmas

Holiday cheer for safe arrivals, in 48hr increments

Jojo finally arrived after many travel snafus. She's safe and was able to access her house through a narrow path cut into the snow by the charitable neighbors. It's tough to work in Barbados, apparently. Jojo has declared a national (perhaps international) emergency, because she now has ONLY 48hrs to pack her 'malas' to head to Portugal. Everyone, stay tunned.

Alex has also arrived safely, back on the internet that it is. After a painful 48hrs + without internet or hot water in Lisbon, Alex is back online. He's firing away numbered e-mail responses from his 7 accounts (can't keep track anymore) making final preparations for the holidays. Can't wait to see pictures from the party and the resulting bank routing code transactions now that he is back online.

In DC, our Xmas presents have arrived with about 50% hit-rate. Amazon sent us an e-mail saying the unusual weather in the mid-Atlantic region of the East Coast is causing delays and packages may not be delivered as previously expected, and may be experiencing up to 48hr delays. Ummmm... I thought Santa (man, that is close to Satan) had transportation that was impermeable to weather snafus - but apparently not. We'll send what we have with Jojo, if there's any room in those 'malas'.

Last and best - where in the world is Waldo (I mean Phat boy)? We haven't gotten any delicious pictures in the last 48 hours, and with the rising tension of sub-saharan hospital visits, inter-racial screen love, viagra, coktail molotofs and sunset lighting - we're all waiting for the closing chapter of the Angola episode - will Phat boy make it back for Christmas in the next 48hrs?

Missing the fam and wishing I was in Portugal to see everyone.
El Greco

Monday, December 21, 2009


BB's team

Carmen, Aristides & Tom