Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alternatives to Mobius

I don't have to wonder what to do with my liquidity in case credit unions & portuguese banks implode due to Pellosi's hot head. Sooner rather than later BPI will manage to take care of my full liquidity to pay the fee for a credit card I don't use.

PS. Greco, agree with you, those guys live in Neptuno. Presidency should be given to Paris H.

Monday, September 29, 2008

El Greco loves volatility

Of course mobius is still alive and thriving through this storm - we're on the web after all... and that is the true test of life post-2000. We even have a new website under development that will be released to the public soon, with all the proper investor relations and such. We're accepting new investors if you are interested, but due to our legal structure as a hedge fund you must be a self-designated 'sophisticated investor' with $1M + in total assets including real estate. Jojo has already qualified.

In terms of the market - pandemonium is our home - we revel in it. If we were talking SAT analogies it would go something like: Market volatility is to Mobius Fund as Sand Box is to Lucas. When others run for the door we settle in and sit back in our chairs. September has been our biggest month yet with almost 20% return. The recent blocking of short sales on financials has put a bit of a damper on some our recent trades but the US congress is making our job of macro navigation very easy. How stupid can they really be? And Obama and McCain spend 1hr + debating Iraq and who was for or against the surge. Are those guys living on the same planet I live on?

Our other business - the ninja - is also having it's best month ever. A new website is also coming on that front and we've dabbled in our first experiment with outsourcing in India. Did not go well, but hey blowing $100 for several days of work for a programmer was not really a waste. Additional 'playbook' sites to be released in the near future. Nothing major yet because we're still in our learning stage, but we'll get there. Will keep you all posted.

It seems that our business skills are inversely correlated with overall market performance. Just like Gabral's art. You guys should invest, in both. In mobius terminology, if I were you... I'd go long Abrantes juniors.

El Greco

Mobius Fund survives Wall Street Pandemonium

Why? Is it because it earns its money the old fashioned way? Is it because it supports good businesses, companies with sound economics, because it invests in true assets?  Is it because it does not bet in vodoo options, futures and derivatives... LOL!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Casa de Anelhe

Pois meus queridos, a Casa de Anelhe está nos últimos meses de gestação.  A maior parte dos planos de execução estão prontos, faltando só alguns planos de electricidade, águas e esgotos, e finalizar o caderno de encargos.  Junto duas fotos.  Os Alex Pictures tem fotos completas da maquete.   Contactei quatro empreiteiros, para uma tomada de preços, a moda do banco... rsss. 
Calculo ter as propostas lá para Novembro e vou tentar fazer o contrato no Natal.  Depois serão entre 12 e 18 meses de paciência.  Aceito marcações para o Verão de 2010.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pics - pics - PICS!!!


No pics from the show?

I tried calling you guys a few times on skype yesterday, but after talking to the Jojo she says you guys are in 'nelhe and perhaps skype defficient for some reason - I thought that place had high speed internet, maybe ever fiber-optic.

Heard the show was fantastic - looking forward to hearing the details and seeing the pictures - especially the ones of Alcina and 'Lena chilling next to a massive projection of the grandson in his birthday suit.

I am in Chicago for the day, making sure I eat some gum and enjoy the nice Fall weather between working.  Back to DC tonight and then to NC for a few days of interviewing at Duke - should be fun to interview kids who I think were born in the 90's or there abouts... scary.  Even phat boy is getting old.  I am a dinossaur.  Alex and Jojo need to be in a senior living facility, with diapers.

Send news and pics.

Miss you guys,
El Greco

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


G-unit - that is off the hook...

digital camo
painted face
blue light

what is there not to like?

Alex is probably taking a couple of extra lipitors today to keep the heart trouble away... jojo probably hasn't seen nothing since she's renounced the internet as so early 2000's.

i hope you will serve sticky rice at the opening, or at least some tripa

El Greco

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Friday, September 05, 2008

Greco needs to move to Brazil NOW

"Brazil is among the countries where the number of millionaires grows in a faster pace, according to The Boston Consulting; the study shows that together 220 thousand Brazilians have $ 1.2 trillion invested in the financial market. "

Now, we do not know which millionaire definition is used here: the traditional one, or McCain new definition of middle and upper income brackets!

In any case, Greco, come. By the way, do you know how many houses you own? If you do, you are not part of IT.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Absolutely ridiculous pictures

Phat boy,

Love the pics - looks like a punk (pink) rock Kubrik concert in Iraq - absolutely ridiculous.

Send some more photos soon and I hope you're planning to include Cininha & Mifan in the performance - would be absolutely off the hook to have them painting as part of the show.

It would help to squash the worriers in the Abrantes Partnership regarding the commercial viability of such an endeavour.

Good luck getting the rest of the stuff done - looks awesome

Miss you and wish I could be there.

El Greco

Euro paper already predicting Palin vs. Hillary in 2012!

A WEEK ago nobody had ever heard of her.

Today she is the most talked-about woman in the world. And with good reason.

Sarah Palin's sensational performance at the Republican Party Convention may turn out to be the tipping point of this rollercoaster American election.

Obama fans hoping she would fluff her big night were in for a nasty shock.

This speech has turned the election upside down. It was simply stunning.

Democrats and their Lefty media backers had been sneering that she was a small town nobody, a hick from the Alaskan sticks put into a job way beyond an inexperienced woman.

Believe me, you will not be hearing that again.

Palin turned out to be an electrifying mix of intelligence, passion, energy, optimism and plain speaking.

Full of self-assurance and aggression, she popped Barack's balloon big-time.

From the moment she walked on stage in this cavernous bear pit, bandbox smart in cream jacket, trim black skirt and black heels, she proved that John McCain knew exactly what he was doing when he picked her as running mate.

Hair piled into a slight beehive – more Sarah White House than Amy Winehouse – she blinked and smiled behind her geeky spectacles as the vast crowd went ballistic.

For an unpopular party divided over Iraq and struggling to compete with Obama's Messianic glamour, the choice of Palin looks absolutely inspired.

Main Street America will have loved her performance.

And it was seen by 30million voters – the greatest number ever to watch a candidate for the much-derided VP post.

She is popular with voters for the very reason America's snooty political establishment despises her: She isn't one of the Washington gang.

She's a moose-hunting mum of five with a sledge-load of problems behind her own front door that workaday Americans can relate to.

A child with special needs. A daughter of 17 pregnant. A constant juggle between family and career.

As she said, her family has had its ups and downs like any other.

Last night her first task was to introduce herself and her family to an American public incredulous that the unknown Alaska governor could within weeks be a heartbeat away from being their commander in chief.

Compared to the journeyman career politicians dominating both parties here she seemed fresh, natural, one of us and not one of them.

She spoke to America as one mum to another. She cracked good jokes.

What's the difference between a hockey mum and a pit bull?, she asked.

Answer: One wears lipstick.

What will have scared the enemy camp most is the devastating series of prime-time punches she landed on the jutting Obama jaw.

Showing steel beneath her magnolia jacket, she slaughtered his lack of experience, his vanity, his emptiness beneath the windy waffle.

It was the most powerful demolition of the Democrat hero I have heard in two weeks on the US election trail.

The St Paul audience adored her.

When she duffed up the Lefty media commentators for their sexist sneers, the vast crowd roared approval and pointed in anger at the titans of the American press aloof in their special enclosure.

And quite right too: who ever asked whether Obama could still be a good dad if he became president?

The irony, as Palin pointed out, is that liberal media sniping has only succeeded in uniting Republicans behind her.

The wagons have been drawn up and the Republicans are ready for battle.

The McCain-Palin ticket now looks in exciting shape.

A war hero and a heroic mum. Experience and optimism. A man and a woman.

And when McCain joined the Palin gang – babies and boyfriends and all – on stage after her speech there was a sense of cheeky fun absent from last week's solemn Obama coronation.

How the Democrats must be regretting Hillary isn't running with Obama. Barack's sidekick Joe Biden looks a dull old dog compared with the ball of fire that is Palin.

But most fascinating of all, consider this: If Obama loses, Hillary Clinton will run in 2012. Opposing her is sure to be Sarah Palin.

That would guarantee America its first woman president.

And my fistful of dollars, having seen both in action here, would be on Palin.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008