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Hipster wannabe, dynos don't know who he is

Matthew Barney

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Matthew Barney
Matthew Barney in full regalia as one of his characters in the Cremaster series.
Born March 25, 1967 (1967-03-25) (age 40)
Flag of United States Boise, Idaho
Occupation Artist
Children Ísadóra.

Matthew Barney (born March 25, 1967 in San Francisco, California) is a contemporary artist who works with film, video, installations, sculpture, photography, drawing and performance art. Barney has described himself as being primarily a sculptor.[1] New York Times art critic Michael Kimmelman called Barney, "the most important American artist of his generation." Barney's work has been described as being part of "the legacy of the performance art of the 1960s and 1970s."[2]

Barney spent his youth partially in Idaho, where he played football in Capital High School, and partially in New York City with his mother, who introduced him to art and museums. This intermingling of sports and art would inspire his later work as an artist. Barney entered Yale University planning on studying medicine, but became enamored with art and fashion. He received a B.A. from Yale in 1989. He also worked briefly as a model for Click Modeling Agency, and was in a J. Crew ad.

Barney lives with his partner, Icelandic singer Björk and their young daughter, Ísadóra, born October 3, 2002.



[edit] Work

The film series The Cremaster Cycle is Barney's best-known work. The films have included very high budgets by experimental art film standards, and have featured such varied celebrities as Norman Mailer, Ursula Andress, and Richard Serra.

In 2006, he released Drawing Restraint 9, a multimedia collaboration with his girlfriend Björk, who wrote the soundtrack.

In interviews, Barney has mentioned the phenomenon of hypertrophy as a metaphorical inspiration for much of his work; several of his performance pieces have involved Barney restrained or somehow encumbered while attempting to execute a drawing.

A gallery show accompanying the Drawing Restraint 9 project appeared at Gladstone Gallery in New York, April 7-May 13, 2006, featuring thermoplastic sculptures associated with the film and the remains of a private project performed at the gallery April 2, 2006, titled Drawing Restraint 13: The Instrument of Surrender, for which Barney emerged from a crate dressed as General Douglas MacArthur, walked across a platform, and fell into a vat of petroleum jelly. Barney reused his motif of dressing as MacArthur in a show later that year (June 23 through September 17, 2006) at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. That performance involved Barney scaling to the roof of the museum in order to render a drawing on the ceiling surface.

[edit] Critical Opinions

Barney has received substantial praise for his idiosyncratic work. In a 2003 article in Time, Richard Lacayo stated that, "It's routine for [Barney] to be called the best artist of his generation." [3] Famed art critic Arthur C. Danto has praised the majority of Barney's work, noting the importance of Barney's use of sign systems such as Mason mythology.[4]

Others have harshly criticized Barney. Jed Perl of The New Republic has described Barney's work as "phony-baloney mythopoetic movies, accompanied by dumpster loads of junk from some godforsaken gymnasium of the imagination."[5] Calling his work a "snooze", Peter Schjeldahl of The New Yorker criticized Barney as being, "a star for attaining stardom."[6] Another critic in the same magazine characterized elements in Drawing Restraint 9 as, "an unabashed display of Oriental kitsch that makes Memoirs of a Geisha look like an ethnographic documentary."[7]

[edit] Prizes

Sailing in the pool doesn't count


I was expecting violent 10m waves... storms above... fully decked-out in Helly Hansen gear... sonar beacons beeping in the background, sending digital signals to other ships... solo, Alex with the wind in his face attacking his inner demons in the wild ocean long dominated by the 'tugas'.

Sailing in the pool doesn't achieve the cathartic expression necessary.

Oh, and you can't see the booze because you're dragging the cooler in the water behind you to keep the cervezas out of the sun!

Looking good papa.

El Greco

Antonioni and Bergman. Two references of the Seniors are gone

Associated Press
Italian Director Antonioni Dies at 94
By ALESSANDRA RIZZO 07.31.07, 5:55 AM ET
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Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, whose depiction of alienation made him a symbol of art-house cinema with movies such as "Blow-Up" and "L'Avventura," has died, officials and news reports said Tuesday. He was 94.

The ANSA news agency said that Antonioni died at his home on Monday evening.

"With Antonioni dies not only one of the greatest directors but also a master of modernity," Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni said in a statement.

Antonioni depicted alienation in the modern world through sparse dialogue and long takes. Along with Federico Fellini, he helped turn post-war Italian film away from the Neorealism movement and toward a personal cinema of imagination.

In 1995, Hollywood honored his career work - about 25 films and several screenplays - with a special Oscar for lifetime achievement. By then Antonioni was a physically frail but mentally sharp 82, unable to speak but a few words because of a stroke but still translating his vision into film. The Oscar was stolen from Antonioni's home in 1996, together with several other film prizes.

His slow-moving camera never became synonymous with box-office success, but some of his movies such "Blow-Up," "Red Desert" and "The Passenger" reached enduring fame.

His exploration of such intellectual themes as alienation and existential malaise led Halliwell's Film Guide to say that "L'Avventura," Antonioni's first critical success, made him "a hero of the highbrows."

The critics loved that film, but the audience hissed when "L'Avventura" was presented at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival. The barest of plots, which wanders through a love affair of a couple, frustrated many viewers for its lack of action and dialogue, characteristically Antonioni.

In one point in the black-and-white film, the camera lingers and lingers on Monica Vitti, one of Antonioni's favorite actresses, as she plays a blond, restless jet-setter.

"In the empty, silent spaces of the world, he has found metaphors that illuminate the silent places our hearts, and found in them, too, a strange and terrible beauty: austere, elegant, enigmatic, haunting," Jack Nicholson said in presenting Antonioni with the career Oscar. Nicholson starred in the director's 1975 film "The Passenger."

Antonioni was born on Sept. 29, 1912, in the affluent northern city of Ferrara. He received a university degree in economics and soon began writing critiques for cinema magazines.

Antonioni's first feature film, "Story of a Love Affair" (1950) was a tale of two lovers unable to cope with the ties binding them to their private lives.

But Antonioni grew more interested in depicting his characters' internal turmoil rather than their daily, down-to-earth troubles. The shift induced critics to call his cinema "internal Neorealism."

After the international critical acclaim of "L'Avventura," which became part of a trilogy with "The Night" (1961) and "Eclipse" (1962), Antonioni's style was established. He steadily co-wrote his films and directed them with the recognizable touch of a painter. His signature was a unique look into people's frustrating inability to communicate and assert themselves in society.

On Oscar award night, his wife, Enrica Fico, 41 years his junior, and "translator" for him since his 1985 stroke, said: "Michelangelo always went beyond words, to meet silence, the mystery and power of silence."

The first success at the box office came in 1966 with "Blow Up," about London in the swinging '60s and a photographer who accidentally captures a murder on film.

But Antonioni with his hard-to-fathom films generally found it hard to convince Italian producers to back him. By the end of the 1960s, he was looking abroad for funds. American backing helped produce "Zabriskie Point" (1970), shot in the bleakly carved landscape of Death Valley, California.

Asked by an Italian magazine in 1980, "For whom do you make films" Antonioni replied: "I do it for it an ideal spectator who is this very director. I could never do something against my tastes to meet the public. Frankly, I can't do it, even if so many directors do so. And then, what public? Italian? American? Japanese? French? British? Australian? They're all different from each other."

Using sometimes a notepad, sometimes the good communication he had with his wife and sometimes just his very expressive blue eyes, Antonioni astonished the film world in 1994 to make "Beyond the Clouds," when ailing and hampered by the effects of the stroke.

With an international cast - John Malkovich, Jeremy Irons, Irene Jacob, and Fanny Ardant - the movie wove together three episodes based on Antonioni's book of short stories "Quel Bowling sul Tevere" ("Bowling on the Tiber") to explore the usual Antonioni themes.

Worried that Antonioni would be too frail to finish the movie, investors had German director Wim Wenders follow the work, ready to step in if the Italian "maestro" couldn't go on. But Wenders wound up watching in awe and letting Antonioni put his vision on film.

Antonioni is survived by his wife. He had no children. ANSA said that a funeral would be held Thursday in Antonioni's hometown of Ferrara in northern Italy.

Parents give example of good lifestyle

Who is talking about sex, lies and videotape? Who is blaming parents for giving bad examples. Look at Abrantes Senior, leading a healthy life on the Lake Paranoa. No signs of weed, booze or other substances... Offspring should take notice!
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Monday, July 30, 2007


30/07 12:43 CET
Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman dies The Swedish cinema legend Ingmar Bergman has died at the age of 89. The director of over 40 feature films, his work dealt with dark topics like sexual torment and the vain search for the meaning of life. His work gave Sweden a reputation for melancholy but elevated Bergman into one of the masters of modern movie-making.

Ripping it - green style

"LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. (AP) - Al Gore's son pleaded guilty Monday to possessing marijuana and other drugs, but a judge said the plea could be withdrawn and the charges dropped if he successfully completes a drug diversion program.

Authorities have said they found drugs in Al Gore III's car after the 24-year-old was pulled over on July 4 for going 100 mph in his Toyota Prius."

Alright - I'm not one to poke fun at others when I have dust in my own eye... well maybe... but this is too good. Skipping the fact that our parents have collectively led us to be screwed up kids - this was decided at lunch today in which Gabe made some incomprehensible comparison between having tough parents and a propensity for inappropriate sexual acts - Al Gore III really got screwed up while his dad was up in the arctic. Smoking weed - bad. Other drugs - bad. Drinking - bad. But, I mean, who ever heard of a Prius going 100mph. A freakin' prius. That is bad ass, in a totally new electric green way that I never thought was possible.

I need a prius.

El Greco

Abrantes makes it to Expresso

Sunday, July 29, 2007

We need the full text of this blurb!

... muitas vezes um jovem artista (n. 1984), numa primeira exposição, mostrar um conjunto de trabalhos tão interessante como o que Gabriel Abrantes apresenta em ... semanal.expresso.clix.pt/actual/expo/artigo.asp?ed... - 42k

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jojo's arrival

When does the joj arrive?

Also, why cheap? Richest woman on the planet is taking us to the most expensive restaurant in town - that allows children. I will start researching.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Bridgetown News

I am waiting for U-tube posting of Pumpernickel the Third. I am sure this would get all revelation awards.

Glad to know Phat Boy will pay us Southerners a visit sometime this coming week. Greco, will you treat us to a barbecue at your place? Or should I take Pumpernickels and wife out? If so, please make reservations at a cheap place.

Sorry to miss Alex's lake tour.

Ok, guys, having successfully closed business, I must go to the beach to think of Manderlay. Miss ya. This is a pic of ma beach.

PS. After having lost my carry on with laptop on arrival at Dulles, I have now lost my ticket to return to Dulles... man, book me a room at Alzheimer's Seaview Center.

They have picked up the wrong Revelacao

Prémio BES Revelação atribuído a Catarina Botelho, Pedro Neves Marques e Ivo Andrade
24.07.2007 - 12h28 Lusa

Os artistas Catarina Botelho, Pedro Neves Marques e Ivo Andrade foram os vencedores da terceira edição do Prémio BES Revelação/Fundação Serralves 2007.

Os três artistas — que, segundo Ricardo Nicolau, adjunto do director do Museu de Serralves, "são criadores que utilizam o suporte fotográfico, mas não são fotógrafos" — irão receber uma bolsa de estágio individual de 7500 euros.

Os seus trabalhos serão apresentados a partir de 16 de Novembro na Casa de Serralves, no Porto.

Os projectos vencedores foram escolhidos por unanimidade por um júri constituído por Beatriz Herráez, Maria do Mar Fazenda, Chris Sharp e ainda Ricardo Nicolau.

Catarina Botelho, 25 anos, fotografa pessoas próximas em situações de alguma intimidade, explicou Nicolau.

Pedro Marques, 23 anos, apresenta um projecto em vídeo e propõe-se filmar toda a costa portuguesa a partir do interior de um barco. Para Ricardo Nicolau a proposta de Pedro Marques "repensa a herança da arte conceptual e pós-conceptual das décadas de 1960 e 1970".

Ivo Andrade, 23 anos, organizou um arquivo de fotografias de esculturas de batatas feitas por si. "Ivo esculpe batatas e fotografa-as, constituindo assim um arquivo", disse Ricardo Nicolau.

O director do Museu da Fundação de Serralves, João Fernandes, aproveitou a apresentação dos vencedores do BES Revelação 2007 para anunciar a próxima exposição da instituição, que será inaugurada na sexta-feira.

Intitulada "Entrar na obra, estar no mundo: A fotografia na colecção da Fundação de Serralves", a exposição irá apresentar parte da colecção de fotografia.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Phat Boy arrived well in the NY

Phat Boy AWOL

Man where are ya?

Drew, Please find Pumpernickel 1 and post update on Pumpernickel 2 on Youtube.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jojo thought her AIDS ads were good!

Courtesy of my good friend and israeli cyber-pimp - ITAY

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sangue, Suor e Telenovelas

Sangue, suor e telenovelas
Pintura, so pintura, agressivamente pintura: uma convulsao de cenas de guerra e sexo.
Luisa Soares de Oliveira [Publico]

De Gabriel Abrantes,

Lisboa, Galeria 111, Campo Grande, 113 R. Dr Joao Soares

4 Stars

Ate agora, Gabriel Abrantes era praticamente um desconhecido does frequentadores das galerias portuguesas. Nascido em 1984 nos Estados Unidos, por la se formou e comecou a expor. A primeira apresentacao do seu trabalho em Portugal deu-se com o coletivo Orgasmo Carlos (do qual fazem parte, entre outros, Manuel Joao Vieira e Pedro Portugal), em 2006, a que se segue esta individual na 111. E o que vemos e uma total surpresa, pelo acerto e qualidade do trabalho. Pintura, so pintura, agressivamente pintura. E alguma escultura tambem, em tecidos diversos colorida e de grande formato.

O titulo escolhido para a exposicao, "Buttpocalypse", partilha dos duplos sentidos que os "motsvalise" surrealistas abriam. A sintese entre "butt" e "apocalypse" enuncia a tematica apresentada: uma convulsao de cenas de guerra e sexo mais ou menos metaforizadas, uma agressividade que se traduz sempre num gesto rapido e numa explosao de tinta e cor, a presenca obsessiva de uma imagetica que encontra a sua origem na cultura popular dos "graffitti", dos filmes de accao, das imagens veiculadas pela TV com mais ou menos chamadas de atencao para o seu caracter chocante. Esta e uma pintura que choca, sim; mas que choca sobretudo por se deixar ver tao a cru, tao na sua essencia mais primordial.

Por isso, referencias aos conflitos do Medio Oriente convivem aqui sem problemas com invocacoes explicitas da colonizacao portuguesa ou de massacres etnicos, com imagens de animais exoticos que concorrem para a interpretacao apocaliptica de um conjunto de situacoes em que o animal e o humano sao estritamente equivalentes. A serie de pinturas completa-se com esculturas feitas em tecido e enchimento que introduzem a tridimensionalidade na iconografia ja enunciada. Um leao, um helicoptero, uma pantera e outros bichos evoluem numa cena onde a violencia se tinge (literalmente) de ironia.

A obra de Gabriel Abrantes nao se limita ao medium da pintura, o artista esta actualmente a fazer um filme, "Anelhe City", sobre a interseccao entre uma aldeia tranmontana, as telenovelas brasileiras e o cinema classico de Hollywood, nas suas palavras... tal como na pintura, o conceito parece ser o da banalizacao e estetizacao do horror, olhando para as causa deste facto e ignorando a mensagem moralizante tao comum ha cerca de dez anos. Neste sentido, Abrantes e bem um artista do seu tempo e da sua geracao. A Galeria 111, a mais antiga de Lisboa ainda a funcionar, continua a surpreender-nos com a suas descobertas.

transcribed by,
El Greco
using, Jojo technology and primary sources.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ominous Post


No message in your post.

If I remember correctly you arrive tomorrow - the 22nd - let us know what time.

El Greco

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Congratulations to the ANIMAL!

You should be as happy as these guys - this is an awesome achievement... almost as good as being both the tallest and shortest man on the planet - at the same time.

Now I hope you go there and make good use of your older brother's film education - passed down over the years including hits such as: Top Gun, Bad Boys, Live Free or Die Hard, The Island, Transformers and other Brukheimer/Bay type productions. The equivalent lesson to the 'learn to draw before you learn to paint' in this case goes something like this: "There is nothing so bad that your brother won't buy a ticket to go see - so go ahead - make my day..." or "If it's in black and white or in french - don't bother."

Really happy for you - abrantes family (junior edition) can't wait to see the productions that emerge from this new stage of your nomadic life. Congrats.


El Greco



Welcome Gabriel to the 07/08 Class at Le Fresnoy

Gabriel made it!

Check out the Promotion of 07-09.

Le Fresnoy is a complex for international arts that includes a school, a film studio, two cinemas, and research and production laboratories for sound, image, video, and film. The project was built on a site with derelict buildings. Rather than demolish them or embark on an extensive renovation process, Tschumi chose to leave the existing structures intact, protecting them with an enormous steel roof canopy that incorporates environmental and stage controls for the complex. The area between the tiled roofs of the existing buildings and the new roof is a zone for spectacle and experiment, in which a superimposition of spaces and functions forms an architectural collage. Tschumi is fascinated by cinematic montage, which he sees as linked to the relationship between architectural space, movement, and the "architecture-event," or action within space. This drawing shows a montage of filmstrip "beams" in which events generate form and continue to unfold as life takes shape in the complex.

Ouvert en octobre 1997, le Fresnoy est un établissement de formation artistique audiovisuelle, qui peut se targuer d'avoir parmi ses professeurs et intervenants de grands artistes comme Jean-Luc Godard, Raoul Ruiz, Michael Snow et de nombreux autres. La fonction d'enseignement est prolongée par celle de diffusion artistique, c'est pourquoi le Fresnoy présente pendant l'année des expositions et événements des étudiants et d'autres artistes contemporains ; notamment, trois expositions d'envergure internationale sont présentées chaque année, dont 'Panorama' qui montre l'intégralité des oeuvres produites au Fresnoy dans l'année.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lucas in Anelhe

Andre Lucas does not take a break in Anelhe.

Mornings, he takes driving lessons from Grand dad Alex.

Afternoons, he takes Art History 101 from Uncle Joao , Social Science lectures from Grand Ma Joj and is introduced to business opportunities in Tras os Montes by Emily and Greco.

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Let me add to the ridicule stream

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We're back in DC - tired but all in one piece.

We had similar snafus on the ride back but at least our luggage showed up!
Not that we needed it on time when we're returning home, but I guess it's nice not to have the hassle.

Gabe - send news from Paris.

El Greco

Monday, July 09, 2007

Pomar reviews Raposinho's show at 111. All show pics included

Alexandre Pomar, one of Portugal's main art critics comments on Gabriel's art show at 111.


Here is the link for the pics of the entire exhibit.