Thursday, March 31, 2005

not the last

I think I've made Andre proud not to be the last of the Abrantes family to join the blog. Although he thinks I'm terribly technologically challenged since I was definitely born before 1980, I figured it out! =)

I think I've joined

test to see if this posts

At last... success

Joj - you've joined blogolandia!!!!!! - welcome - and thank you for the original content. See how easy it is to communicate with your sweeties?

I must return to work but I am still eagerly awaiting my beautiful wife and my sooo artsy it hurts brother to join us.

i vote we KICK JOJO OFF if she continues only with web pastes...

Joj - you must also write you own content - you are spamming our blog! You can include the first sentense or make a title and paste the link for others to visit.

el greco
[blog administrator, husband, brother, son, aa II, MBA, MArch, BsArch, inappropriate]

Alex is on


1. Alex is getting used to the idea of having surgery next week. He was very depressed yesterday and the day before, but today he is taking it with stride.

2. Cininha left last night. Last news are that she has arrived in Lisbon, safe and insane... as usual. Impossible to contact directly because she is already roaming through the streets of Alges... or busy on the phone.

Will share more tomorrow
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2002 Graduate of Walt Whitman High School receives $3,000 Ida F. Haimovicz Visual Arts Award
Bethesda, MD, USAThe Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County announces GABRIEL ABRANTES as the recipient of the Ida F. Haimovicz Visual Arts Award for 2002. The $3,000 award, administered by the Arts and Humanities Council, was established by the family of Ida Haimovicz to support a Montgomery County high school student intent on pursuing a visual arts career. Gabriel's solo exhibit will be on display at Maryland College of Art and Design, Gudelsky Gallery, 10500 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD, June 25, 2002 - July 7, 2002. The opening reception and presentation of the award will be held June 25, 2002 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Admission is free. For additional information, contact the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County at 301-215-7227.
Gabriel, who graduated last week from Bethesda' s Walt Whitman High School, said, "I greatly appreciate the honor of this award. For me, the true prize of being awarded is the confidence it inspires. " He said that this $3,000 award "will go back into my pay for my supplies."
This fall Gabriel will attend The Cooper Union University (New York) where he has been awarded full scholarship. He was also accepted to Rhode Island School of Design and Maryland Institute College of Art.
The mission of the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County is to promote, support and expand cultural activities in the county and to help integrate them into the lives of all residents.

Emily Abrantes is a Senior Managing Consultant in PFM’s Boston office. Ms. Abrantes’ financial advisory work involves providing the quantitative and technical analysis for transactions for general municipal, and healthcare and higher education institutions. Ms. Abrantes has worked on negotiated and competitive bond issues for the Massachusetts Health and Educational Facilities Authority, the Rhode Island Health and Educational Building Corporation, Virginia College Building Authority, and the Vermont Educational and Health Buildings Financings Agency.
Prior to her work in the Boston office, Ms. Abrantes provided technical, analytical and marketing support for clients of PFM’s money management group. Ms. Abrantes responsibilities included preparing arbitrage rebate compliance reports, cash flow modeling, portfolio structuring, writing investment performance summaries and reviewing investment policies and practices for compliance with state statutes. Ms. Abrantes graduated from Furman University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science.

Fellowships, Prizes and Travel Programs
Travel Programs

The Araldo A. Cossutta Prize will be endowed in perpetuity to support a qualified and promising student in the area of architecture at the Graduate School of Design.
The full tuition fellowship shall be awarded annually to a student of merit who has successfully completed the core program for the professional degree of Master in Architecture and whose design work consistently shows outstanding promise.
The core studio coordinators will nominate candidates who will then be contacted to submit a portfolio for review by the faculty of the department of Architecture. The selection of the fellowship recipient will be made under the direction of the Chairman of the Department of Architecture.
Previous winners include:
2004: Richard Lam2003: Andre Abrantes2002: Chung Ping Lee2001: Angus Eade 2000: Yu-Lin Chen 1999: Lucia Allais 1998: Jeannie Kim 1997: Gullivar Shepard 1996: Elizabeth Whitaker 1995: Shawn Emory


Hello everyone - here are step by step instructions

1. I send you an invite to join

2. You click on the link in the e-mail and it directs you to the blog website. It will know you are related to the abrantes partnership blog.

3. You select a name and a password. You will create a profile name later, so this is not necessarily your screen name... just your name to sign into the website. You can make them the same if you want though.

4. Make a bookmark of the abrantes parternship blog

5. When you want to make a posting - go to the blog and on the top left corner there is an orange symbol that says blogger. Click on this symbol.

6. It will redirect you to the website. At the top right hand corner there is a login screen. Login with your name and password.

7. Now you are inside the blog dashboard - if you have multiple blogs there will be a list of all available blogs for you. From here you can click on the blog name and view it or you can click on NEW POSTING and submit a posting to the blog.

8. Click on NEW POSTING

9. Write you message - then hit preview in the top right corner. It will preview your message. proof-read - think twice - go back - make it funnier.

10. Hit publish post.

11. Click VIEW BLOG

12. Hit refresh - this will update the blog and your message will appear!!!!!

Nomad in transit part deux

Hello familia Abrantes - the blog continues... lonely, slightly rejected, but triumphant in its raw and unwieldy nature. Nothing can stop the inappropriate and relentless el greco from being a proud husband and posting ridiculous amounts of photos.

let me emulate my dear father for a bit....

1. Start looking at the photos from the bottom - this is how blogging works mother and father - it's kinda chinese or arabic or something, but the geospatial coordinates for reading are not aligned with our western traditions.

2. First, an homage to our old home - a good friend - one that will be missed but quickly discarded into the past with the rest of the news cycle.

3. Second, a warm welcome to the current, to the future, and that which is unknown. Welcome to our new home! Feel free to enjoy the tour of our warm yet unpolished home. Once again please abide by the viewing regulations that state you must start at the bottom and read up. The photos will make more sense in this order.

4. Please come visit - our furniture does not fill the new place - bodies may help.

el greco

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia..... ALLELUIA - Can you tell how excited Emily is about the dishwasher?? Mild excitment

my haven =)

still messy but starting to take shape... look at the fit on that rug!

our low budget dining room furniture - upgrade in the future

walking back into the dining room - looking back to the living room

fireplace and small office on the left

living and dining room connection

Turning right from the last picture - living room is behind me, kitchen all the way at the end.

A wife not excited about pictures! front door straight ahead, office directly behind me, and the dining room is to the right beyong the photo.

Welcome to the NEW living room - front door is straight ahead, bedroom on the left

goodbye =(

our mess left behind - lots of cleaning still to do

Goodbye OLD living room - it was cramped but sunny... we will miss you

Monday, March 28, 2005

nomad is in transit

Ya'll - Emilia and I are in transit - no new posts from our side for the next few days.

Jojo, gabral and emily - you guys are going to get in trouble if you don't join blogolandia!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Try out

Meus queridos, estou nesta da blogolandia. Amanha ca estarei com pensamentos profundos. Hoje ja e muito tarde.

Os manos em boston

Nomad Family

I welcome all members of THE ABRANTES PARTNERSHIP to our family blog. I made fun of it. Gabral made fun of it. Jojo made fun of it [after the kids made fun of it]. Alex was still trying to recreate his ipod playlist with his new computer... technology is just changing too fast.

I bid our family a toast:

To a new future - one of speedy, efficient, and completely voluntary intra-family communication. We may not be traditional.... but there's no lack of love [and gusto].


abrantes clan in action - emily is taking picture =(

Monday, March 21, 2005